An Open Invitation to Collaborate and Contribute

Our vision for this web site is to build a vehicle for collaboration with other groups and organizations and for contributions by individuals to the development of the green economy in New Jersey.  We’ve reached out to several groups and individuals, each of whom is capable of bringing new elements to the site and and new opportunities for action, and we invite you to join us in making this a resource for the transition in New Jersey to a greener future. Here are some of the things we have envisioned (and in some cases implemented):

To become a contributor, register here.

To volunteer to co-lead a Green Economy initiative, please contact us at collaborations@greeneconomynj.org

Opportunities for Local Action

This site provides an extensive introduction to green economy policies for the state of New Jersey — addressed to policymakers. But we also need a corresponding civil society movement — a grassroots clean economy co-operative movement, driving the transition to a cleaner and greener economy. So this page will list potential opportunities for collaborative action, and invite your participation — whether as an investor, a full-time co-entrepreneur, or a volunteer.

If you have a cooperative green venture, and want additional members, please send us an announcement and we’ll post it on the site.

Also, look at How to Use this Site and Resources.

The vision of a Green World is not fantasy; nor, however, is it realistic. What it is, is possible. (Charles Eisenstein, Climate: A New Story, 2018, p.278)