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We’re looking for people who are or want to be leaders in NJ’s new green economy, to help us make this site the go-to place for greening the Garden State. If you’re involved in sustainable agriculture, clean energy, regenerative finance, cooperatives, or other ways of creating the next economy, please let us know. We want everyone to know what you’re doing.

A New Green Economy for New Jersey

A Proposal to Governor Phil Murphy and the People of New Jersey

From the 2018 Ecology, Economics & Ethics Class at Ramapo College:

Stephanie O’Brien
Caitlyn Montgomery
Christopher Eveigan
Kieran Passmore
Willem Glans
William Plungis

and Professor Matt Polsky.

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Executive Summary

The Essence of this Proposal

This site is based on a proposal created by six students under the guidance of their professor at Ramapo College as part of their spring, 2018 “Ecology, Economics, and Ethics” course. Throughout the course these students were exposed to various strategies for how to approach economics in an ecologically sustainable way. These students met with experts on different topics from sustainable business to conservative economics. Based on what was learned, we would like to share our thoughts on how New Jersey can become a leader in sustainable economics, focusing on the green economy concept. These suggestions came from weeks of brainstorming and research.

We, as a class, have chosen to write this proposal to present to our new governor, Governor Phil Murphy, in hopes that he will become aware of some possible new strategies that New Jersey could implement in order to continue to improve New Jersey’s economy, which are mostly in line with his stated principles, while doing right by our environment.

We conclude that New Jersey can resume its historic leadership with the green economy idea by taking it to new and possibly unprecedented levels, both in scope and depth. Recommendations are offered to support this conclusion. Finally, two Appendices provide summaries of historically related articles and reports, which contain potentially other ideas that could be tapped which could further extend that leadership; and then how to further deepen the green economy.

Introduction >>>

<<<Letter of Transmittal

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An Open Opportunity to Collaborate and Contribute

Our vision for this web site is to build a vehicle for collaboration with other groups and organizations and for contributions by individuals to the development of the green economy in New Jersey.  We’ve reached out to several groups and individuals, each of whom is capable of bringing new elements to the site and and new opportunities for action, and we invite you to join us in making this a resource for the transition in New Jersey to a greener future.

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