Appendix II Table of Contents

Executive Summary of Appendix II

Introduction to Appendix II

What This Appendix Is Not

More on Greening: The Economy, Jobs, Growth: What Does it Tell us?

Types of Green Jobs/Sectors Besides Conventional Green Ones

More on Sustainable Business (or CSR)

B Corps

7 Fronts of Mount Sustainability Framework


Morality: Is a Corporate Conscience Even Possible?

New Jersey’s Four Existing Sustainable Business Initiatives

NJDEP’s and New Jersey Small Business Development Center’s SBI and Registry

NJDEP’s Environmental Stewardship Initiative


Sustainable Jersey’s Local Economy Activities

Assessment of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Programs

Five Other Related Initiatives

Special Attention to Farming

Existing State Green Jobs/Internship Programs/Information Sources/Environmental Incubators

Mindset Barriers to a Greening Economy

Conclusions of Appendix II

Recommendations of Appendix II

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