Early Pioneers

The author of this section asks readers to remember three late giants of the sustainable business field in New Jersey: Rob Young, Carl Henn, and Asher Derman. Their names deserve to be remembered by those who have entered the sustainability field in New Jersey over the years. These three people laid the early foundations.

…and Recent Colleagues

Among the still-here, I would like to acknowledge an early sustainability business leader, Bryan Thomlison, who showed what was possible, even during a time of environmental backlash; my colleagues at the former ISE, with whom we had many conversations on these issues: Jonathan Cloud, Joel Harmon, Jeana Wirtenberg, Gerard Farias, Bill Russell, Kent Fairfield, Claire Sommer; consultants who went beyond what conventional sustainable business consultants are allowed to talk about: Anna Clark and Andrew Winston; two former supervisors who let me run with earlier versions of these ideas: Leslie McGeorge and Marty Rosen; Marty, again, for his substantial editing help of Appendix II; a colleague who “lent me” some ideas: Rob Benjamin; a colleague pushing academia in new directions, and who was willing to travel from Maryland to Mahwah to guest lecture at my class on a range of issues, Ira Feldman; and two students: Stephanie O’Brien, who both co-edited the Student Proposal, wrote some of the sections of it, and prepared the three Tables for this Appendix II; and Caitlyn Montgomery, who wrote key sections of the Student work, added to other students’ sections, co-edited that work, and was the “Go To” on “References,” which itself required research on tricky questions.