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Green Economy Podcasts (New!)

Jim Cox

James A. Cox

We recently came across a series of podcasts by our personal Financial Advisor, Jim Cox. Jim focuses on sustainable investments, but we had no idea he was actively interviewing experts and activists from across the country on a variety of topics related to the emerging green economy. Jim writes, Sometimes it feel like I’m a voice in the wilderness…” which led us to the idea of posting his podcasts for a wider audience.

James Cox is a financial advisor with FFG Advisors. He focuses on wealth and risk management for clients of the firm. He is on the board of several organizations. James joined FFG/DFP in January of 2012. Many of Mr. Cox’s clients are entrepreneurs and business owners. His practice helps individuals manage risk within their finances, even as they are striving toward creating successful companies. To learn more go to

The first one that came to our attention was the conversation with Janet Kirsch, a physician and public health specialist, who is devoting her life to climate mobilization.

Mobilizing for Climate Disruption (September 21, 2018)

Janet Kirsch is a physician and speaker with 350 Bay Area. We had initially talked days before hurricane Florence made landfall. We chat today about the need to approach climate disruption with increased vigor and commitment.

And here are some other selected podcasts from James Cox, available on iTunes and elsewhere.

Veganism and Climate Change (December 7, 2018)

Sailesh Rao in the director of Climate Healers and we discuss how Veganism can help address the climate crisis.

Solving Homelessness (November 20, 2018

Homelessness is a growing issue that is reinforced by multiple issues; financial insecurity, psychological issues, alcoholism, crime. How do we reduce the level of homelessness and resolve these many issues? We chat today with Michael Rowe of the Citizens Project of New Haven where he has been successfully doing this for 20 years.

Experiencing Hurricane Maria First Hand (November 15, 2018)

Stephanie Morales was born in Puerto Rico and lived through the tragedy of Hurricane Maria. She shares her story and insights… it’s one of the most moving conversations I have ever had.

The Role of Young People in Fighting Climate Change (November 8, 2018)

Michael Allen is a film-maker who is tackling the issue of climate change with his latest film, “How Hot Is It Going To Get?” He discusses in detail the need for young people to become educated and active. Any solutions to the climate situation requires a new level of activism.

Signs of Abrupt Climate Change (November 5, 2018)

Kevin Hester is a climate researcher studying “abrupt climate change”. He shares his insights as to current feedback loops feeding climate change and weather disruptions.

The Environmental and Economic Impact of RedTide in Florida (October 29, 2018)

We discuss the causes and impacts of RedTide in Florida with Ken Hinkle, the president of Indian Riverkeepers, part of the Riverkeeper Alliance. Corporate and government decisions are having a negative impact on peoples health and the states economy.

Further selected podcasts on Anchor:

On the Front Lines of Climate Change: a chat w Alekz Londos

Transforming Food for the Future: a chat w Bruce Friedrich

New Tech for Regenerative Ag: a chat w Elizabeth Pearce

Business Risk Around Climate Change: a chat w Scott Nadler

Art, Empathy, and Climate Change: a chat w Amy Brady

Addressing Sea Level Rise Through the Arts: a chat w Elizabeth Rush

Managing Risk from Climate Change: a chat w Jeff Colgan

Coops, Clean Power and the Future: a chat w Dan Orzech

Regenerative Design and Climate: a chat w Oliver Goshey

Ocean Health and Climate Change:a chat w Tapani Vuori

“Building A Human Economy”:a chat with Andrew Yang

Climate and Biology: a chat with Erik Van Lennap

Climate Changing: a chat with Paul Beckwith

Earthships and Sustainable Building: an interview with Michael Reynolds

A Buddhist View of Climate Change:a chat with Robert Thurman

Climate Change and Society: an interview with Peter Buckland

US Intelligence Agencies Cite Climate Risks

The Current State of Renewables: a chat with Jigar Shah

Climate Risk: an interview with Ian Dunlop

Climate Impact on Bangladesh: a chat w/ M Zakir Hossain Khan

The Science of Climate Change: an Interview with Ethan Seigel