New Jersey declared top US green energy economy once more

Hydrogen Fuel News
 reports that

New Jersey’s green energy economy had fallen into a multi-year stagnant state under Governor Christie. That said, Governor Murphy has once again made clean energy a priority for the state and has returned it to membership in the exclusive “50×30” club. Other members include California, New York, Vermont and Hawaii.

That membership means that the state is committed to running on 50% renewable energy sources by 2030. Interestingly, both Iowa and Colorado are likely to reach that same clean power goal, though through voluntarily utility leadership as opposed to membership in the 50×30 club.

By signing the new solar bill, Murphy has put NJ back into the lead, with a commitment to a 100% renewable energy economy by 2050, and a series of other initiatives. The story, by Julie Campbell, concludes:

New Jersey’s green energy economy is composed of several large strategies and projects to ensure its goal achievement. This includes its new utility reforms – to prevent electricity price spikes – and energy efficiency targets, as well as the most recent clean energy bill signed by the governor. Together, those components will quadruple the state’s goal for renewable energy. It will also provide consumer protection, decrease pollution, and create thousands of new jobs in the state.

While we view the Green Economy through a much broader lens, it’s good to have someone — anyone — tell us we’re back on top.

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